Categories: Site Speed

How fast should your site be? While Jakob Nielsen says people can handle up to 10 seconds of load time, think about this:

  • 47% of people expect a webpage to load in two seconds or less.
  • 57% of visitors will abandon a page that takes 3 seconds or more to load.
  • At peak traffic times, more than 75% of online consumers left for a competitor’s site rather than suffer delays
  • According to this scientific study, the tolerable waiting time for information retrieval is approximately 2 seconds. Adding feedback, like a progress bar, can push tolerable waiting time to 38 seconds (so if your site is slow, add progress bars or equivalent).
  • A site that loads in 3 seconds experiences 22% fewer page views, a 50% higher bounce rate, and 22% fewer conversions than a site that loads in 1 second. While a site that loads in 5 seconds experiences 35% fewer page views, a 105% higher bounce rate, and 38% fewer conversions.
  • 8% of people cite slow loading pages as a key reason for abandoning their purchase.

Faster sites get higher conversions. Improving site speed, UX and revenue is part of conversion optimization.

It’s often a low-hanging fruit that you can get done right away.