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Consider how many products per row to display

This decision should depend on a few factors.

  • First, consider how large the product picture should be for your shoppers to see it. If there are many fine details involved, the picture will need to be larger and fewer products will fit on a single row.
  • Next, how many product details are displayed? Once again, if there are tons of specs, there will be less room for multiple products per row. Visually-driven products (e.g. jewelry) normally show 3-4 products per row. Spec-driven products can get away with displaying only one product per row due to the large description typically included with each item.

Consider offering your shoppers the capability to adjust how many products per row are shown. They can select a product image size button (small, medium, or large). Large images will show fewer products per row while the small image option allows room for more products per row.

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