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Consider the best page design for your specific product list

How many products should be displayed on one product list page? While endless scrolling tested best in a comprehensive UX study, there is no universal ‘best practice’ for these options.

Endless pages keep your shoppers engaged because they don’t have to decide whether to click to see another page. However, endless scrolling can induce the paradox of choice: the inability to make a decision when too many choices are available. In some scenarios, offering fewer products has increased sales. Infinite scrolling is best for browse-oriented sites and products. If your site’s shopping flow is goal-oriented (e.g. building a ring step-by-step), endless scrolling is not a fitting choice.

  • Pagination keeps the user in the loop, they know when and where the page ends. It also gives your shoppers a ‘sense of completion’ once they’ve finished reviewing a product list page. However, some shoppers become frustrated with the time it takes to load each page. If you take this approach, offer the capability to choose the number of products per page displayed, including a ‘see all’ option.
  • Endless scrolling allows your shoppers to remain in control of the number of products in the list. This style also facilitates product comparison because all products remain on the same page. Instead of deciding which page to browse next, some shoppers simply decide whether or not they want to see more items.
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