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CTA should be visually prominent

The CTA is often the most important element on a homepage. For a CTA your users actually click on, design a button that simply cannot be missed.

Some ideas to ensure your CTA is seen:

  • Make it BIG
  • Place it above the fold
  • Contrast the CTA button against the background
  • Surround the CTA with whitespace
  • Make it the most—and first—noticed element on the page

Avoid competing graphics:

  • Large navigations that take up lots of space
  • Distracting fonts and colors
  • Moving images
  • Additional CTAs with high contrast colors

In 2000, the average human attention span in Canada was 12 seconds. By 2013, that number had fallen to 8 seconds, which also happens to be a second shorter than a goldfish.

Design the CTA with our affinity for distraction in mind.

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