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Maintain consistent design across platforms to create a great UX

Maintaining consistency is one of the most important ways to ensure usability. Maintaining consistency means that users interact with the same visuals, patterns, and flows across platforms. In other words, consistency means that a user can access an application on a mobile device or a desktop browser and still have the same experience.

Differences in screen size may require different layouts, but in a consistently designed experience, users will recognize familiar functionalities.

Some companies make the mistake of treating the web and mobile versions of their applications as different products. Approaching platforms in this way can create a lack of consistency, which in turn causes a poor user experience and a potential misunderstanding of the company’s brand.

To avoid this problem, we recommend the following:

  • Visual identity: use the same colors, appearance, typography, visual elements, illustrations
  • Consistent iconography: web icons should represent the same functionality as the app icons
  • Language: keep the same names for action buttons, links, and menu options
  • Interactions and flow: ensure that the step-by-step process is the same for each action (e.g. checkout)

Applying these basic concepts ensures that users feel comfortable using both web and mobile services without difficulty.

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