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Use analytics to decide which devices to prioritize

Now, more and more users are accessing websites through their mobile devices. Actually, more than half of all web traffic is mobile.

Tools like Google Analytics allow an efficient and quick way to find out exactly how a user accessed a website.

Google Analytics provides companies with answers to the questions below:

  • How many people visited your site with an iOS or Android device?
  • What percentage of overall website visitors are using devices with a low-resolution screen?
  • Is there a difference in the number of page visits from users using Android 9.0 and Android 6.0?
  • How long are iOS mobile visitors spending on the website compared to Android users?
  • What type of connection was used? Wifi or data?

Data like this is valuable for product strategy, as it allows companies to identify and focus on their target audience. Companies can create products that suit the real needs of their users.

The more you know about our users, the more you can ensure an accessible, efficient, and enjoyable product.

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